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Shawn Michaels To “Compete” At NXT TakeOver: WarGames, Raw Star Returning As A Babyface For A Possible Giant Collision At Survivor Series 2017

Shawn Michaels

Raw Star Returning As A Babyface For A Possible Giant Collision At Survivor Series 2017

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer addressed Braun Strowman’s babyface turn at TLC 2017 and the lack of Top Heels on Raw after this babyface turn. Below is what he said:

“I thought that the last match at TLC 2017 had a lot of cool twists and turns. I know some people didn’t like it so much because of that. I think that the turning of Braun Strowman, I mean I’m not really so much into that the thing where they shredded him up and everything like that and the garbage thing.

Actually I kind of hate that stuff, but he is turned into babyface obviously, feuding with Kane which hopefully is just a short thing.

The problem is, I guess, it’s tough for opponents because, I don’t know, like if he turns what’s he gonna feud with like? Bray Wyatt?

They feel overloaded on the face side because Lesnar is a face too. Although he could still wrestle Lesnar and it would be kind of a new match-up I suppose down the line. They’re weak on the heel side if you really look at it because if he turns, I mean your top heels is The Miz.

I mean The Miz is a good talker, but he doesn’t have that real main event…uh…. he doesn’t feel like a heel main eventer. He feels like a heel upper mid card guy who is very entertaining on television. And you know the guys they used tonight are the other ones like Bray who… I’ve said enough about Bray in the last couple weeks. Bray needs to change and Miz and Cesaro, especially Cesaro – he is a great wrestler and I’d love to see him pushed as a top guy.

But in their world they have to break up that team because the tag teams have always been kind of positioned as ‘not the top singles guys’. So they got to stop with some new heels if Strowman did turn. And Kane is… you know…. it’s like a stopgap measure. It’s okay for a little while, but that’s not your answer long term.”

With that being said, Strowman is now expected to return in the upcoming weeks as a babyface and feud with Kane, possibly resulting in a match between the two giants at Survivor Series 2017.

Shawn Michaels To “Compete” At NXT TakeOver: WarGames

Old School WWF Legend & WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels noted on Twitter that he’ll compete with NXT wrestler Johnny Gargano in an “Ab Off” challenge at next month’s NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

You can check out the HBK’s annoucement below:

Shawn has been trying to get Gargano back on track as of late and below are the videos:

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