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Shawn Stasiak Reveals How WWE Broke His Heart At Hall Of Fame 2018

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Shawn Stasiak made his WWF debut in April 1999 under the name Meat, who was soon managed by the Pretty Mean Sisters. He was released from his contract in December 1999 and joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in April 2000 as a member of The New Blood. After Vince McMahon bought WCW in March 2001, Stan returned to the World Wrestling Federation and performed for them until September 2002.

Stasiak recently discussed various topics with us. Below are the highlights:

On WWE inducting his father, Stan Stasiak, in the Legacy Wing of their Hall of Fame in 2018:

“WWE broke my heart in how they went about putting my father into the [Hall of Fame]. 5th Wrestler in the history of the company to become WWWF/WWE Champion to only receive a 20 or so second video package that went to a Legends wing.

I guess to them he wasn’t worthy of an actual proper classic WWE Hall of Fame induction. And I apparently wasn’t worthy enough in their eyes to be invited to the event much less be notified by them that they were going to put him into the Hall of Fame. I learned all of this via wrestling fans on Twitter.”

WWE Hall Of Fame 2018 Legacy Wing Inductees

On Cody Rhodes’ Finish The Story angle actually being his storyline:

“There still has yet never been a first father and son WWE Champion duo in the history of WWE. I’ve campaigned this and have promoted this for years. Even with this recent storyline, Cody Rhodes ‘finish the story’. This is actually my story to be frank. It’s well documented. I pitched this idea to them and spoke to Vince (McMahon) about it back in 2015.

Here, take a peak:

So Cody fulfilled the promise he made to his dad to win the WWE Title. And I’m sincerely happy for him and his family as I respect the Rhodes.

But it’s also my story and has been for years.

The difference is however… I can actually still make WWE history as Dusty Rhodes never officially won the WWE Title and with all due respect…. My father did!

It’s a story, man. And it’s real and authentic.

I’m certainly not waiting for my phone to ring and it is a young man’s game. But I’m certainly always open for the right business. And I think this storyline with Cody and I has $ written all over it.

I may be 53 years old but have kept in fit shape and will just say…. there’s a little bit left in the basement so to speak. And there’s an old saying that’s gone on for years… Never say Never!”

His new character:

“New updated version of the ‘Shawn Stasiak’ character is a hybrid between a chiropractor and professional wrestler. Like a Dr Jeckal and Mr Hyde!”

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