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Sheamus Reunites With AEW Star Cesaro, 4 Years After Split (Photo)

WrestleMania 33 - Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass for the Raw Tag Team Championship

Sheamus and Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli in AEW) formed a tag team known as “The Bar”. They formed an unlikely partnership and became a highly successful and entertaining tag team in WWE.

Formation and Background

Sheamus and Cesaro initially had a rivalry, with multiple matches against each other. They faced off in a Best of Seven series in 2016, which ended in a controversial draw. Despite their intense competition, they eventually found mutual respect for each other’s abilities and decided to join forces.

Name and Gimmick

The name “The Bar” was a play on words, representing their desire to set the standard for tag team competition in WWE. Their tag team name symbolized that they were the benchmark for excellence in the division.

Their gimmick revolved around two contrasting personalities coming together to form a formidable team. Sheamus, known for his brawler persona and Celtic Warrior character, was paired with Cesaro, who was known for his technical prowess and Swiss Superman persona. The dynamic between the two created an interesting blend of styles and personalities.

Success and Championships

As The Bar, Sheamus and Cesaro quickly rose to prominence in WWE’s tag team division. They were known for their hard-hitting matches, teamwork, and chemistry inside the ring. Their contrasting styles complemented each other well, leading to a string of successful matches and feuds.

One of the highlights of their tag team run was winning the Raw Tag Team Championships. Sheamus and Cesaro won the titles for the first time at the 2017 Royal Rumble event. They went on to have several title reigns, showcasing their dominance in the division.

Feuds and Rivalries

The Bar was involved in several high-profile feuds and rivalries during their time together. They faced off against notable tag teams like The New Day, The Usos, and Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose (also known as The Shield). Their matches were often hard-hitting and showcased their ability to adapt to various opponents.

Sheamus & Cesaro disband The Bar

After a successful run as a tag team, Sheamus and Cesaro eventually disbanded The Bar in 2019. The decision to split them up was part of WWE’s ongoing storyline developments. Cesaro and Sheamus both went on to pursue individual opportunities in singles competition.

Sheamus & Cesaro Reunite in August 2023

Sheamus (who is a part of the SmackDown brand right now) and Cesaro (current ROH World Champion) reunited recently. Below is a photo:

Sheamus Cesaro Claudio Castagnoli The Bar Reunite August 2023 WWE AEW ROH

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