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Sheamus To Win WWE World Title In 2016?

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Sheamus is in line to win the WWE World Title sometime over the next year. Sheamus was originally supposed to win Money in the Bank last year. But because of storyline changes, that didn’t happen. Below is what Dave Meltzer posted:

Original Plans for Sheamus:

“Originally Sheamus was to turn heel and face Bryan at WrestleMania last year, but when Punk left, and the fact the crowds were killing Batista, Bryan’s creative changed and Sheamus was left out. Then Sheamus was going to win the briefcase at Money in the Bank, but when Bryan got hurt and Money in the Bank became for the vacant title, it changed again.

The champion was chosen based on who would be the best person to drop the title to Lesnar. The feeling at that point was they should go with the biggest marquee star, Cena, as champion. Where Rollins got the nod, and look at how that turned out, is that at first they were only going to do one Money in the Bank match, only for the title. When the decision was made to do a second one, with the title shot at stake, Sheamus had already been slotted in the first one and announced and they didn’t want to change it.”

Future Plans for Sheamus:

“The win means Sheamus is likely to take the title some time over the next year from whatever babyface beats Rollins for the title. Headlining with a new name in the mix is a good idea. But Sheamus, even with the change in look, is far from being a new name. I’m not sure that Sheamus is thought of by fans at the level of a guy who at this point should win the title or even headline a PPV in a singles match.”

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