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Steve Corino Talks About His Time In ECW

In a recent interview with TheNewsHub, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion & ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino talks about his time ECW, rising and falling on the behavior of Chris Candido & more. Below are the highlights from the interview:

On Tully Blanchard and Magnum TA:

“I would say to compare somebody to Tully Blanchard today is Adam Cole. He’s got that natural cockiness to him that it radiates. Unlike Tully back in the 1980s and remember it’s a different world where you just wanted to hate him, Adam Cole’s become that guy that has become so cocky he’s cool and you want to be like him. Magnum TA, I believe Magnum was that flash in the pan and he would have been so big and I believe he would have changed wrestling if he stayed.

Only because at the time 1986 the WWF was rock and roll, NWA was country music and I think it would have been one of those things where the NWA would have stayed country and NWA would have built around Magnum, Dusty would have been the supporting player and you had your Horsemen and stuff like that. WWF would have stayed rock and roll and you had the two worlds that were happy.”

His time in ECW, rising and falling on the behavior of Chris Candido:

“When I came in there were always no promises. I came in as just an underneath guy. I was Nova’s friend and this was right after November to Remember 98’ and they were looking for new guys and Paul wanted to build new guys. So they had Reckless Youth that was the guy they wanted and I was the afterthought. The guy was Nova’s buddy here is pretty good and he’s got an anti-hard-core thing alright bring him to the arena and do a quick try out match. That’s how I won my job.

Then little things would come up and happen. Whereas Candido would mess up and Paul would look at me like, ‘Steve you can talk let’s do this thing with Tazz’ and then Candido would be back and then he would be fine and then I’d get pushed down a little bit and then Candido would mess up again and then all of a sudden I’m back.”

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