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Sid Vicious Recalls Beating The $hit Out Of Ric Flair In A Match

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During a recent interview with Hannibal TV, former WWF & WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sid Vicious talked about working with Sting, Ric Flair, Halloween Havoc & more. Below are the highlights:

On working with Sting in WCW:
“Sting was awesome man. He was – me and Sting talked one time and he said, ‘Sid, I’m not an idealist like you, but I work good with people who have good ideas.’ We had some really good matches, just one little incident one time. I think everybody remembers I used to do a nip-up spot. It was usually a head-scissors, and I’d nip-up and I’d catch the guy with a chokeslam or something like that. It’d always get a good reaction. It was in Jacksonville, Florida. I came back and there were some guys in the dressing room and they were pushing Sting to sort of say, ‘Hey, Sid is burying you.’ And I come in and Sting says, ‘Hey man, you’re burying me.’ And I said, ‘No, Steve, I’m not burying you. We do that spot all the time. What happened is you let these guys get in your ass and no they’re making you feel bad about that. So don’t let these guys get you beat up.’ Then they all heard that and they all changed their opinions.”

On if he was scheduled to win the WCW World Title from Sting at Halloween Havoc:

“This is the thing, I did for 30 seconds. I guess why it’s easy – a lot of bookers will say Sid’s a good guy to have working for me because I don’t ask questions. This is when they only do four pay-per-views a year, and I was told that Clash Of Champions, ‘You’re gonna be the next World Champion. In every interview you say you’re gonna be the next World Champion.’ Well that’s what I did for three months. When it came down to that night in Chicago in the UIC Pavilion Center, they said ‘Okay this is what’s gonna happen: You’re gonna get your heat, Steve’s gonna come back, stop him, get him through the ropes, he’s gonna come through the back door’… I think I might have put him through the back door, ‘And then you go back to the ring, he’s gonna come back to the ring holding his head, and then you roll him up 1 2 3.’ I said okay.

We went through that whole thing, as he comes back it’s actually Barry Windham. I didn’t know what was going on so I rolled up up for the 1 2 3, he said ‘Don’t worry about it kid’ or something like that, so I rolled him up and didn’t think nothing about it. I didn’t know the rest of the finish. I think I was supposed to have won the belt, but I think Flair and a lot of people who gave so much sh*t about me being too young for the position – So the next thing I know the crowd is going crazy, the referee is in the ring grabbing the belt in my hand and said ‘Take the Stinger Splash.’

I never knew anything about that part of the finish. But when I look back on it that was probably my most memorable match. I feel like when you can fool me, you had to fool the people. If it was just me, I enjoyed that, I don’t know if people understand that or not.”

On Ric Flair being nice to him on his face:

“Always… Flair, I remember the first time I worked with him in Columbus, Georgia. This is when you know someone is full of sh*t. He said, ‘I don’t know what to do with you, you’re too big.’ I went, ‘Okay, if you’re gonna use that excuse I’m gonna remember that when we get out there.’ And we did, when we got out there I just beat the sh*t out of him. I said, ‘You’re not gonna do this to me like you do it to other people.’ So I took him out to the crowd and I just pummeled him.”

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