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Sister Abigail Gimmick Idea Stolen From A Movie? Russo Rips Raw Star For His Acting Skills

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During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, Vince Russo, along with OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin and co-host Jeff Lane, discussed the Sister Abigail vignette segment from last week’s Raw. below is their conversation:

Russo: This was the best thing of the show and and Jeff I hate to say this this, this is where I wish they had good writers because I gotta tell you, far and away the best thing on the show was Bray Wyatt transforming into Sister Abigail. But here is the problem. What’s this story gonna look like?

Jeff: I mean it was legit straight ripoff from ‘Psycho’ (the movie), which I don’t have a problem with. They even used the line “He wouldn’t hurt a fly” straight from the movie. I don’t have a problem with it because I thought it was well done. But like you, I just don’t see them giving him the material to follow through with it.

Russo: It’s a shame bro because, you know Kenny there’s been split personalities in the business before, if anybody can pull this off it’s Bray Wyatt. But Kenny you know, being around the block a thousand times, the guy has got to have the material bro.

Kenny: Gotta have the support. Gotta have the company believe in it as much as you do. Vince has killed many a gimmick that he didn’t get.

Russo: Yes. Very good point, Kenny! Great point!

Kenny: Sean O’Haire had a great gimmick that he was gonna be doing. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. That thing had gold written all over it in many of our opinions. But Vince McMahon didn’t get it, so it went away.

Russo: I see this beautiful morphing of Bray Wyatt into Sister Abigail. They play with the voice which I thought was done very, very well. Now, they made the mistake of allowing Finn Balor to comment on that beautiful piece of art. So I tweeted out – David Arquette is to professional wrestling what Finn Balor is to acting. How they don’t pre-tape this guy? He almost single-handedly killed Bray Wyatt’s promo by the way he responded to it. This was horrifying, bro.

Can I ask you this? How can this guy deliver such a horrible promo and be at that level? How is that possible, Kenny? How does that happen that a guy is on the greatest stage in the United States, he’s on that stage, he’s main eventing and he can’t cut a promo….. how does he get there?

Russo: I guess because he’s a small (on giving Finn a manager). Any manager that you put with him or any assistance that you put with him is gonna dwarf him. That was always the criticism I got and it’s that I was so much bigger than most of my talent. But what I tried to explain to them if I’m a big coward and I’m scared of everybody and everything then what does it matter how big I am.

The other thing I got a problem with is that the boy needs to get some sleep. That redness around his eyes! He should have got some sleep while he was hurt. He just don’t look like he can whip anybody. Why is this little Irish guy supposed to be such a bada$$? and I just don’t get Finn Balor.

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