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SmackDown Live Stars Destroy Everything & Everyone Backstage On Raw, Shane McMahon Challenges Kurt Angle & Raw Roster

Shane McMahon

In the final segment of tonight’s episode of Raw, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle came out to announce the members of the Raw Men’s Survivor Series team. But SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon came out and so did the SmackDown Live Superstars.

The SmackDown Live stars then went backstage and attacked the Raw Superstars and employees.

Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose jump on SmackDown Live stars out of nowhere, but they get outnumbered as well and get beat down.

Rusev & United States Champion Baron Corbin have got a hold of Kurt Angle now and they take him to the ring.

Shane McMahon ends the segment by challenging Angle and the Raw roster to come and face them at Survivor Series 2017.

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