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SmackDown Live Wrestler Used As A Sacrificial Lamb At Hell In A Cell 2017, Reason Behind AJ Styles Not Being Pinned At Hell In A Cell 2017

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During a recent edition of The Taz Show, ECW Legend Taz talked about the Triple Threat United States Championship match at Hell In A Cell 2017 PPV and “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin winning his first Title in WWE. Below is what Taz said:

“I love his work, but I think the way the company used them last night was good, but yet he was just a sacrificial lamb unfortunately. But he made the best of his opportunity and who I’m talking about is Tye Dillinger. They made a three-way gimmick with Corbin, AJ and Tye Dillinger for the US Title. I enjoyed the match.

I saw some reports online that some people did not like the match. I actually liked the match very much. I thought all three guys worked really hard and worked well together. I enjoyed the sh*t out of it. I really did. I also liked the fact that Corbin is the new US Champion. It’s about time to give this guy now nice titles, you know a single title push here. My only problem with this is he pinned the wrong guy.

Corbin should not have pinned Tye Dillinger. He should have pinned AJ Styles. I know he’s a heel and this is the debate that some could have about what I just said. Corbin is a heel so there’s more heat on him now. I could see their thinking. Possibly this might be what they’re thinking – there’s more heat for Corbin if he doesn’t pin AJ. It also protects AJ where AJ could say he never got pinned.

I don’t think it would have hurt AJ if he would have pinned AJ. I just don’t. Again I just told you why they did this. They did this to protect AJ and that he pinned someone that’s not the champ. So in essence, Dillinger was just a sacrificial lamb so they could transition the title from one man to another and use Dillinger as the guide that gets the pinfall on. That gets pinned I should say.

Is it the end of the world for Tye? No. It’s just the beginning. I think this was a great night for Dillinger. I think this was awesome. I’m happy for the guy that he made the most of that situation and he kicked a$$. He looked great. But I do think that it would have been a little bit better if, this is nitpicking, if you have Corbin beat AJ. And all well deserved I love AJ, you guys know that. I always put him over.

I lose my but I do think that if you have Corbin beat AJ it would not have hurt AJ. It could only help Dillinger a little more. And that would have been a nice little surprise because Dillinger is there you know for making match better possibly and also maybe for the element of surprise. Maybe Dillinger comes out and wins it, becomes the US Champ. Maybe some people thinking that would have shocked me. That would have been a nice way to pole-vault and and knee-jerk this guy over.”

As seen on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, Corbin went on to defeat AJ Styles clean to retain the United States Title in the main event (this podcast was done before SmackDown Live).

You can watch it below:

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