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SmackDown Personality Took The Rock’s Permission To Use His Catchphrase Last Week

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• SmackDown Personality Took The Rock’s Permission To Use His Catchphrase Last Week

On the June 17th episode of SmackDown, after losing to Madcap Moss, Baron Corbin confronted Pat McAfee for calling him names like “Bum A$$ Corbin” on Commentary.

This past Friday on SmackDown, McAfee challenged Corbin to a match at SummerSlam 2022.

Below is what he said in his promo:

“Bum A$$ Corbin said that if we were to get in the ring together, I would wish that I were dead. That’s not possible, that’ll never happen.

I love my life, I enjoy every single moment so much so that when I walked into the WWE ThunderDome for the first time, all I could think of was, ‘I feel alive.’

When I get to put on the headset and talk into the microphone ‘for the millions’ (shout out to my man The Rock), members of the WWE Universe, I feel alive!

So ‘Bum A$$’, while you’re catfishing on the net, acting like you’re not an insufferable, arrogant douchebag, why don’t you ponder this for a moment: SummerSlam, you and me, Nashville, Tennessee, and when I kick your teeth down your throat, the only thing I will think is, ‘I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt in my entire life right here at SummerSlam!’”

WWF Legend The Rock enjoyed this promo and tweeted the following:



That’s good sh*t brother! 👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾

Great promo. Enjoyed watching this

#ISmellIt 🎤”

McAfee replied:



On The Pat McAfee Show, McAfee revealed that he took permission from The Rock to use ‘for the millions (and millions)’ line in his promo.

Below is what he said:

“In the wrestling world, when you say somebody else’s catchphrase, it’s kind of, you know, a thing. Also, don’t want to go too in the weeds here but did get permission beforehand from Dwayne Johnson to be able to say it.

If you do recall, in my last program, Austin Theory, when I was allowed to speak into the mic, I was in the middle of doing it and then I got interrupted. That was around the time when I originally got the okay to say it. That was in Miami, I think that night actually, so it would’ve went bananas.

I’m very, very, very grateful and thankful for The Rock and I appreciate the hell out of him on the back side of it saying ‘hey, pretty good usage of it’. I’m very, very thankful for The Rock.

That’s huge in the wrestling world. He’s the guy on the microphone.”

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