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SmackDown Star Is Going For The 1998 Undertaker Look

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During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, current WWE SmackDown Superstar Karrion Kross (fka Killer Kross) spoke about growing out his hair and revealed that the goal is to eventually look similar to The Undertaker’s 1998 look.

Here’s what The Harbinger Of Doom had to say about his hair:

“Eventually, it’s going to grow so long that it’s going to take over the Earth. That’s the plan. That’s pretty long. I think I want to grow my hair, maybe to like Taker ’98 length. I always thought that was a really cool period in his career. And that whole vibe, that whole look was awesome.

And yeah, I was telling you initially I was supposed to do the film, we never finished it. Held off, like a bunch of things that went wrong. We never got to it. I just decided to keep my hair.”

Also during this interview, Kross said he was set to work with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 39:

“We were supposed to work last WrestleMania and nobody knew that except for a collection of writers and people in the office. We were slated to do something.

We would talk for hours about how we want to get into it, what we wanted to deliver creatively for people. Where we thought we both needed to be. We had ideas with Alexa (Bliss), Bo (Dallas), Scarlett.

Everything happened the way it did. He left a mark on anybody and everybody he ever met. It’s just very strange the way everything played out. Beautiful and tragic. He was always an inspiration to me and showed everybody warmth.”

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