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SmackDown Stars Recall Big Show Apologizing To Them For Being Wrong

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• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW Veteran Todd Champion (Real name: Todd Bradford) turns 58 today.

His biggest claim to fame was teaming up with Firebreaker Chip as ‘The Patriots’ (sometimes called ‘WCW Patriots’) in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling during the early 90s, winning the WCW United States Tag Team Championship in 1991.


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• SmackDown Stars Recall Big Show Apologizing To Them For Being Wrong

The New Day debuted back in 2014 as a normal group of wrestlers who weren’t very over with the fans. The five time tag team champions had to work hard to develop their character so that they could get popular among the fans.

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions recently appeared on Peter Rosenberg’s Open Late on Complex where they discussed the idea of backstage resentment towards their success.

Big E shared a story in which he revealed that The Big Show was very concerned about Kofi Kingston being a part of the faction:

“Big Show, so when we were trying to get off the ground, Big Show would pull Kofi aside and say, ‘What are you doing with those two? They’re bringing you down. You should be in the World Title picture,” Big E said. “This isn’t a time where it’s like, ‘Oh Big Show, it’s all fun and games.’

Like, we’re struggling to get on TV and we’re thinking we’re gonna get fired.”

Xavier Woods said that his situation was the worst as he had joined the main roster a few months ago before the group’s debut which made it more difficult for him to adjust in the group:

“You had been a champion,” Woods said to Big E. “I had been on the road for three months doing nothing. So I had just come up from developmental like, ‘Oh everything’s shiny and new I’m so happy to be here guys!’ And then [Big Show] is just taking a dump on me to my face.”

Kofi Kingston explained that Big Show eventually approached him but he just cared about Kingston and not the other two guys:

“I don’t think he cared that they were there at all. He was legit concerned for me.”

Woods said that Big Show apologized to the group later when he saw they started succeeding:

“To his credit, out of all the people who did say things to our face or said things behind our back,” Woods explained, “[Big Show] is the one person who came up and said, ‘I was completely wrong. You guys are awesome and you’re killing it and I’m glad that you didn’t listen to me.”

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