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SmackDown Wrestlers Talk With Top AEW Wrestler

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• SmackDown Wrestlers Talk With Top AEW Wrestler

SmackDown wrestlers Liv Morgan and Baron Corbin had an interaction with AEW wrestler MJF on Twitter.

You can read MJF & Corbin’s conversation below:

MJF: Do I really have to go to New Jersey?

Corbin: It’s the absolute worst!

MJF: How you holding up buddy? Heard you won big!

Corbin: Amazing! I’m back in the money! Thanks for offering to help when I was in need. Also Don’t let anyone in NJ touch you the smell will never come off.

Liv replied the following to MJF’s original tweet:

“NJ is lovely Mr.Friedman.”

Speaking of Liv, she was scheduled to team up with Toni Storm to face the team of Carmella & Zelina Vega on tonight’s Super SmackDown, but their match was cut due to Edge vs. Seth Rollins taking up more time than expected.

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WATCH: Liv Morgan In A Bikini:


• ON THIS DAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY (September 10, 1994) – CWA Event (Europe)

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on September 10, 1994, Otto Wanz’s Catch Wrestling Association held an event at the “Festzelt on the Schützenplatz” in Hannover, Germany.

The card also featured several wrestlers, who came from or would eventually end up in either World Championship Wrestling or the World Wrestling Federation.

Here are the matches from that night:

Rambo (Sniper/WWF) vs. British L.O.D.

David Taylor (WCW) vs. Cannonball Grizzly (P.N. News/WCW)

Fit Finlay (WCW) vs. Lord Steven Casey

Wrecking Crew Fury (WCW) vs. Tony St. Clair

2 Out Of 3 Falls: Ulf Hermann (ECW) & August Smisl vs. Hiro Yamamoto (Tenzan/WCW) & Dan Collins

CWA Middleweight Title: Franz Schumann (c) vs. Doink The Clown (Skinner/WWF)

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