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“Some guys are just j-rks” – WWF Veteran On Vader & George Steele

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Former WWF manager Harvey Wippleman was recently interviewed on ‘Developmentally Speaking’, where he revealed that despite being ill-treated back in the day, he still made sure to remain respectful towards everybody.

Here’s what Wippleman had to say:

“There’s some guys, if you’re a jerk, you’re a jerk. Vader was a jerk. I’m sorry. God bless him and his family. I know he’s left us. He’s a jerk.

Another one, George Steele, was a jerk, you know, and just because they died doesn’t take away the fact they were jerks. Some guys are just jerks.”

While hardly anyone out there has a bad word to say about WWF Legend George ‘The Animal’ Steele, Vader was indeed a different story.

During an episode of his ‘The Snake Pit’ podcast, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts accused Vader of being a bully back in their World Wrestling Federation days.

Here’s what Jake said:

“Vader was one. Vader was a bully. He would pull sh*t when he knew he could pull sh*t. I believe Shawn Michaels and him had a little problem too. We avoided each other.”

George Steele passed away on February 16th 2017, while Vader (fka Big Van Vader) died on June 18th 2018.

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