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Speculation Regarding Hulk Hogan Being “ALL IN”

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• Eric Bischoff On If The Bullet Club Is An nWo Ripoff

During a recent appearance on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, former WCW President Eric Bischoff talked about his new podcast, the nWo changing the perception of wrestling in the 90s, if he thinks Bullet Club is an nWo rip-off, and Bullet Club using the ‘too sweet’.

Below are the highlights:

On his new podcast:

“We’ve been talking about doing this show for about a year. We were actually talking about doing it when I was doing my other show but at the time I didn’t want to make the change for a variety of reason and I was still kind of understanding the podcast world from a business side of things. Back when I decided in October/November to take a hiatus it was because going into the Thanksgiving / Christmas holidays I knew I’d be traveling a lot and I just didn’t want to have to worry about producing a podcast every week. Initially, I thought I’d go on hiatus for a bit but I thought I really don’t want to come back and do this because I don’t feel great about it and that is when Conrad and I started talking.”

On the nWo changing the perception of wrestling in the 90s:

“Context is always king with me. When I was running hard my life was really my office, the inside of a plane, a hotel room, an arena, very little time at home and start that all over again week in and week out. I don’t want to say I was living in a bubble so I wasn’t really on the street a lot so lets put it that way and had any contact with unless I was on an airplane or checking into a hotel where people that I was working with or who were people in the arena. But when it really hit me was one year when I was over in Japan (must have been 96/97) for one of the big Japanese New Year’s Eve shows and I looked around the arena and there was like hundreds and seemed like a thousand nWo shirts inside the arena and we didn’t even sell them there. So it was like WOW! That is pretty bad-a$$.”

On if he thinks Bullet Club is an nWo rip-off:

“I don’t look at it as a rip-off honestly. I think it has roots in the nWo and I don’t think that can be denied and I don’t think they are trying to deny it but I think it is more than a homage and I think it is more an extension but certainly its roots creatively speaking are in the nWo. But rip-off to me is something negative and disparaging and I think the Bullet Club is cool.”

On Bullet Club using the ‘too sweet’:

“I’d like to know the first time you saw that too sweet sign on a regular basis? I know they (Hall and Nash) probably did it once or twice as code and like sign language to each other back in The Kliq days as they were breaking but that sign and throwing that sign of too sweet was all apart of the nWo. It became something that DX did and now its become something that the Bullet Club is doing but again, I think that the reason the nWo worked and to a degree that DX worked and the reason that the Bullet Club is working is because of the chemistry. If you took a bunch of guys that didn’t have the right vibe and didn’t have it or couldn’t deliver in the ring and just didn’t have that really unique attitude and they were doing the same things that the Bullet Club is now doing would not work.”

• Speculation Regarding Hulk Hogan Being “ALL IN”

Tickets for Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks’ “ALL IN” event on September 1st got sold out within 30 minutes. ALL IN has made history by becoming the first independent wrestling event in USA to sell 10k+ tickets.

With ALL IN generating a lot of buzz in the world of Professional Wrestling, speculation for a lot of things have begun for this event. The return of former WWE wrestler CM Punk is being heavily speculated as he is scheduled for a meet & greet at a Pro Wrestling Tees store the day prior to the event in Chicago itself.

Speaking of returns, after a recent tweet from WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hulk, speculation has begun regarding Hogan making a return at this event (since WWE recently issued a statement that they aren’t interested in signing Hogan to a deal at this point).

Below is the tweet:

Is Hulk Hogan ALL IN? I guess we’ll find out on September 1st!

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