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2. Braun Strowman Reveals What He’s Going To Do To Roman Reigns Tonight At Great Balls of Fire 2017 PPV

During an interview with Bleacher Report, “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman talked about his monstrous strength, his Ambulance match with Roman Reigns tonight & more. Below are the highlights:

His strength:
“My whole life I’ve been weird strong. When it comes to weights in the weight room, I had to train and to learn how to get stronger that way, but if you take me out into the field, I could pick up a 500-pound hay bale and carry it around.”

On his match against Roman Reigns tonight at Great Balls of Fire:
“It’s going to be a war. Roman Reigns continues to bring the fight to me, and I continue to knock him down. He’s a tough son of a b****. But I’m The Monster Among Men, the mountain among us. You run into Braun Strowman, you end up on your ass. Anything I can get my hands on, anything that’s not bolted down, I’m going to use as a weapon. Keep your eyes open. There’s no telling what I’m going to pick up and smash Roman over the head with.”

Not hurting other Superstars:
“In sports entertainment, we try as much as we can not to actually kill each other. I think I’ve come close a few times. …I work really, really hard to make everything I do as believable as can be. I take pride in the fact that I’ve never injured anyone.”

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