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Spoiler On Which Title Might Change Hands Soon, WWF Veteran Discusses The Possibility Of Jason Jordan Revealing That He’s Not Kurt Angle’s Son & How He Used The Raw GM

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WWF Veteran Discusses The Possibility Of Jason Jordan Revealing That He’s Not Kurt Angle’s Son & How He Used The Raw GM

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz discussed last week’s opening segment of Raw, which featured Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Jason & Jordan & Braun Strowman. Below is Taz’s conversation with co-host Seth:

Taz: Stephanie coming out and then Triple H and I’m like – Ah God! They gave Triple H the first segment on Raw. Stop the pain. Stop! But at least they did a couple things that were kind of cool.

Kurt came out like what I was saying and he got pi$$ed. He needed to be pi$$ed. He needed to get his balls back, his character. And they let it happen and I thought that was cool. And Triple H said nothing.

When Jason Jordan’s music hit it was like, I hate to say it, but it was like a phone in Church and no one likes a phone in church. Or like a burp in a Synagogue. I mean that’s what it was like. Oh my lord! It was bad. He came out and he got in the face of Triple H. And I don’t know why you would get in his face. Just have him come, beat Triple H’s a$$, just punch and kick him.

They got him pedigreed and all this jazz. I mean, I have Kurt pull him off. Don’t do what they did. Everybody’s like and I am one of the guys who have been saying this – Jason Jordan turns heel, he’s gonna turn, he’s is gonna turn heel. The longer it takes the less it means when he turns. So put that in your notebook.

Seth: I think they started that process though.

Taz: Well bro, we could see the same thing a couple of weeks ago in my opinion. I just feel like they got to get rolling already. A lot of people, including me, were saying that process of turning Jason Jordan heel was basically – Oh, this is perfect. He will be in Survivor Series and he will cost. He will turn on his dad. He will turn on his teammates. And he will turn on Raw.

So then he gets that he’s not gonna be in Survivor Series. Then everyone was like – Oh he’s gonna turn heel. He’s gonna run in and cost the Raw match anyway even though he’s not in it. And that didn’t happen. So my point is more we talk about it, the more it doesn’t happen, the less it means when it will happen. That’s all I’m saying.

Seth: I think there’s an opportunity for them to take it to the next level as a heel though with this in the sense that maybe he duped Kurt Angle into thinking he’s his dad in the first place. Maybe he’s not even his father. And this guy’s a conniving guy the whole time.

Taz: Well, they’d have to really figure that out because Kurt was the one who broke the news and it wasn’t the kid who broke the news. They could do that. It’s a work, right? It’s a show. So they could do that.

That’d actually be friggin’ money dude. That was good. That was a good idea seriously. I liked it. I liked your idea a lot.

This kid could be a great heel for one main reason – He is legitimately hated by people. And they are having him act like a little kid. Why are they acting like he’s a seventh grader, like the way he’s talking? Actually he’s talking like less matured than seventh grader. Wasn’t this guy part of American Alpha and did great as a tag team in NXT and SmackDown? And now they are acting like he’s a little baby.

They gotta be careful about it. It comes off very corny. If you’re gonna turn heel very soon and he’s doing that. Okay. Great! But when he turns heel he has to be a violent, mean, nasty… not just underhanded, but physically violent to make him even more hateable.

And your idea’s great, Seth. Now he’s not just mean, angry, messy and violent. He’s a scumbag. Because that’s a scumbag move… you know… acting like this guy’s your dad and he’s not.

Braun Strowman comes out during this segment here. It had me thinking – Okay, it’s cool. I get why Braun is out there. I do. But everybody’s mad at Triple H and Triple H’s is in the middle of everything in segment one. Everybody’s mad at him and I know why and they should be mad at him.

My point is when I say everyone’s mad at him, the creative behind it is bad. A guy who’s not even in the twilight of his career, he’s done. He’s 50 years old. And the story is built around him in segment one after Survivor Series. I was like – “Eh! What are we doing!”

It’s very smart though what WWE did. They did something real cool here. It was very smart. If you watched what Triple H did when Kurt got in his face and Jason Jordan got in his face and Braun got in his face, Triple H never talked.

And that’s not even the coolest part, but they had the announcers say nothing and they laid out – which is great. So all you hear is a natural sound in the arena in Houston. I thought segment one from an entertaining perspective was very good. Triple H is afraid of nobody in the company, except Braun Strowman.

I have no problem with segment one for the most part, except it was built around Triple H. But the performance of everybody was good.

Stephanie then made Jason Jordan versus Braun Strowman, which is like a divide-and-conquer-type thing I guess from the heel perspective for Stephanie and Triple H and it made sense.

Spoiler On Which Title Might Change Hands Soon

As seen on last week’s episode of Raw, “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns defeated The Miz in the main event to capture the Intercontinental Championship. It looks like the other Shield members might have gold around their waist soon as well.

WWE is teasing that Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose might be getting their Raw Tag Team Title rematch soon and there’s a lot of speculation going on regarding WWE officials wanting to make all three members of Shield champions.

ECW Legend Taz has noted in the past as well that WWE will quite possibly put the Raw Tag Team Titles on Rollins & Ambrose again and that the current champions (The Bar – Cesaro & Sheamus) are just transitional champions and the titles were put on them in order to have The Shield compete in a match as a complete group.

Below is what WWE posted about the Raw Tag Team Title picture ahead of tonight’s episode of Raw:

Can Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose reclaim the Raw Tag Team Titles?

“Before Dean Ambrose put away Sheamus in singles combat on Monday night, he and Seth Rollins made it clear that they intend to recapture the Raw Tag Team Titles from The Celtic Warrior and Cesaro.

After thwarting their intervention during Roman Reigns’ Intercontinental Title opportunity against The Miz — a bout The Big Dog won — the Shield brothers seem primed to put some championship gold around their own waists.

When will The Hounds of Justice get their Raw Tag Team Championship rematch?”

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