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Spoiler On Who’s Currently Expected To Walk Out Of Clash of Champions 2017 As The WWE Champion, WWF Veteran Comments On Booker T Making Raw Wrestlers Look “Green”

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• WWF Veteran Comments On Booker T Making Raw Wrestlers Look “Green”

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz talked about the Women’s tag team match on Raw, Booker T on commentary, WOKEN Matt Hardy & more. Below are the highlights:

On Booker T making Raw wrestlers look “green”:

“This was odd because I thought why not have Mandy and Sonya Deville versus Bayley and Mickie where Paige should be on commentary because Paige is the leader of the group or Paige could have been ringside. You should keep it special when Paige is gonna work, when she’s gonna wrestle. She’s a leader. Put her on commentary. I mean make it special when she works. Let’s see these two younger talents, Sonia and Mandy, let’s see them do their thing. Let’s give Sonya the platform. We gave Mandy the platform here, let’s give Sonya the platform also. They didn’t do that.

Something happened during the match in commentary. I think it was Booker T. I don’t know if he was produced to say this, but he did say “Mandy Rose is picking it up. She’s getting this” meaning the business, meaning the matches. I’m like – Why? Why are we saying that? Why are we having Booker say that? It really, really, really makes the talent feel like they don’t belong. Why are we saying that? I sat there and then they had Booker say it again and he threw Sonya in there too. She wasn’t even wrestling. I gotta tell you I just thought that was a little rough for me. I don’t think that’s how the office/the company/the writing should be treating the talent.

What they did do was cool and then it kind of was a little weird too, but it was cool for Mandy because she won the match. She beat Mickie James which is a huge victory for Mandy because Mickie is a very well decorated champion and a well respected female wrestler. That’s a gigantic victory for her. So if we know she’s gonna win the match which we do know, why are we saying she’s starting to pick this thing up? Why are we painting her like she’s a green kid? Perception is reality. We shouldn’t be telling the audience she’s a great kid.”

On WOKEN Matt Hardy gimmick being a real draw and the need for it to be filmed differently:

“It got such a big buzz last week for a couple of reasons. One – The audience, your fan base which you call the WWE Universe and you gave them an identity, they, the universe are happy that you took Matt Hardy and let him have some freedom and do this Broken Matt Hardy gimmick which got over. You let him do it, so your universe was happy and they are happy that you’re letting Matt do this. But I got to tell you. Going to the well a second time back the next week, it’s a typical move by WWE and I don’t like it.

I just don’t think they should’ve went back with the back and forth thing and that graphic they had come up with the glass breaking, it was like non-stop. It started to become corny because we kind of saw this whole routine last week and when I saw it the second week in a row where Matt Hardy now has got typical WWE lighting on him like every other talent and it looks like something from the mid to late 90s when Raw was at the Manhattan Center and the way they would shoot them backstage on camera, that’s what it looked like. And that doesn’t work for that character that Matt does. It needs to be grimy, gritty and dirty.

Why go back to the exact same bit you did last week? Why? Let’s get creative. Really? You had to do it exactly the same way, the back-and-forth thing that you’re doing backstage? This is not being done right. (Fans would say) – “We’re just happy that Matt’s getting to be woken”.

You know what? That’s not enough. You don’t go 80% with the gimmick. Go a hundred with. This character that Matt does is a draw. It’s a real draw. And with the WWE resources meaning their production team and the amount of them and the equipment that they possess and the money that they have potentially to spend to get a character over, good lord they could go crazy with it.”

• Spoiler On Who’s Currently Expected To Walk Out Of Clash of Champions 2017 As The WWE Champion

According to the betting odds for this Sunday’s Clash of Champions 2017 PPV, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles is currently the favorite to win his main event match against Jinder Mahal.

This means that he’s expected to walk out of Clash of Champions 2017 as the WWE Champion. Betting odds for four Clash of Champions 2017 matches are available as of now and below are the favorites:

– AJ Styles

– Charlotte Flair

– The Usos

– Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

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