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Spoiler For WWE Title Match At Royal Rumble 2018

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• Old School WWF Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 55th birthday of Old School WWF Veteran Ludvig Borga (Real name: Tony Halme).

Borga wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation as an upper mid-carder in 1993 & 1994 and was eventually going to be pushed to be a main eventer, but then got injured and left the company.

January 6, 1963 – January 8, 2010

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (January 6, 2000) – Bret Hart vs. Terry Funk

On this day in 2000, during an episode of WCW’s weekly TV show ‘WCW Thunder’ that aired that day, WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart wrestled NWA Legend Terry Funk in a Hardcore match.

A few days later Bret had to end his career and the title was declared vacant.

• Spoiler For WWE Title Match At Royal Rumble 2018

As we all know, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles will defend the WWE Championship in a 2 on 1 Handicap match against Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn at the Royal Rumble 2018 PPV.

Word going on is that this match will start the storyline of Owens & Zayn breaking-up and turning on each other while trying to become WWE Champion. Expect Styles to retain the WWE Title due to Owens & Zayn not being on the same page in the match.

Also, the FastLane 2018 main event is already being advertised to be Styles defending the WWE Title in a Fatal 5 Way match against Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn.

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