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Stable Breaking Up After Survivor Series 2017? Raw Star Says He’s Entitled To A Universal Title Match

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Raw Star Says He’s Entitled To A Universal Title Match

During a recent interview with The Indian Express, Raw Superstar Finn Balor talked about how he’s entitled to a Universal Title match, his Demon King alter-ego & more. Below are the highlights:

On if it’s his goal to get a shot at the WWE Universal Championship:

“Not only is it my goal but I am sure it is my right. I am entitled to a Championship rematch for a title that I won against Seth Rollins in my first pay per view but I never lost it. Obviously, there was a setback with the injury. But now I am better than ever and I am feeling good now. So, anyone who wants to step in the ring for me, I am ready.”

On if he’s prepared if Samoa Joe tries to backstab him during the Men’s Raw vs. SmackDown Live Survivor Series match:

“I am an honest person and I would like to hope that we can be together for Raw. But knowing Joe and the type of competitor that he is, one opportunity and he is going to take it. So I have to be aware at all times and be ready for any potential backstabbing. But I am still hoping that we can put together for the greater good. As a kid Survivor Series was my favorite pay-per-view and it will be a huge honor to represent Raw.”

On his Demon King alter-ego:

“The demon is something that is a very difficult for me to do every day. It takes a lot out of me mentally, physically and emotionally. I don’t require it every day and it resurfaces only when the situation demands. I have beaten wrestlers like Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins without the demon. Finn Balor doesn’t need a demon because Finn Balor created a demon. Which one is stronger? The fans should tell me.”

Stable Breaking Up After Survivor Series 2017?

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo, WWE & WCW Veteran Vito LoGrasso, OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin and co-host Jeff Lane talked about SmackDown Live’s stable, The New Day. Below is their discussion:

Kenny: I have never once laughed at a bit that involved The New Day. And then they started selling the unicorn thing and I thought that was stupidest f*ck. I have been so off board of The New Day since day one.

I don’t get them at all. Every time I see them it’s just – What the hell! Who are we trying to entertain here?

Russo: None of these three guys have characters. If you ask anybody who’s The New Day, here’s what they’re going to tell you – There’s a guy with the trombone, there’s a big guy and there’s a guy with crazy hair. That’s their characters after two years. However many years they’ve been together and we’ve seen them on TV every week, that’s what we know about their characters.

Vito: The New Day, I think they played their course. I think it’s old. You can only watch three men dancing like that shucking and jiving like that for so long, having Shane McMahon dance with them if you were closing the show. I could see them opening the show while you’re dancing and then have two heels try to get heat on them. Sami Zayn coming out with a promo. Kevin Owens stand there. It was a bad opening segment.

Shane is making good on his promise to take over Raw. But I just don’t think that what they’re doing with The New Day is gonna last. I think once they get through with The Shield, I think you’re gonna see the disbursement of The New Day because I think they’ve ran its course.

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