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“Start filtering out the unnecessarily dangerous horsesh*t moves guys” – WCW Veteran On MJF’s Injury

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Months of speculation surrounding MJF’s injury status have finally come to a head, with reports emerging that the AEW star has undergone surgery to address his lingering shoulder issues.

MJF’s injury saga dates back to his appearance at the AEW Worlds End pay-per-view event in December, where he valiantly competed despite suffering from a torn labrum and hip injury.

Despite his resilience, the toll on his body was evident, especially considering he lost the AEW World Heavyweight Championship to Samoa Joe at that event.

WCW Veteran Crowbar, who has wrestled a few matches in AEW, had the following to say about MJF’s injury:

“I will continue to say it,

(Not certain how MJF got hurt)

Accidents can happen on the simplest moves – but there is an undeniable uptick in pro wrestling injustices with lengthy out of action periods.

Today’s wrestlers posses a level of athletic ability never before seen – but as a whole they make poor choices, take very unnecessary risks.

This combined with unsafe training regimens outside the ring / in the gym will shorten careers.

I believe you can wrestle hard, very hard, give amazing effort, do things that LOOK violent, LOOK athletic, LOOK cool and LOOK dangerous – but are SAFE.

(See some of my modern, current matches) – I’m all for WILD LOOKING (but reasonably safe stuff).

Start filtering out the unnecessarily dangerous horsesh*t moves guys.”

Initially, MJF had reportedly set his sights on making a triumphant comeback in March, as he wanted to wrap up his storyline with Adam Cole and Undisputed Kingdom.

He even engaged in discussions with AEW President Tony Khan in Boston to chart out potential creative plans upon his return. However, unforeseen circumstances have seemingly altered these plans, leaving MJF’s return date shrouded in uncertainty.

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