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Stephanie McMahon Was Petrified When She First Met A WWF Legend

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• Stephanie McMahon Was Petrified When She First Met A WWF Legend

During a recent interview with SBJ TV, Stephanie McMahon revealed that she was petrified when she first met Old School WWF Legend George ‘The Animal’ Steele.

Here’s what The Billion Dollar Princess said:

“Walking past all of these superstars mostly men at that time, and you know they’re all big and standing there in their costumes, their gear. And all of a sudden, around the corner all of these kids, like a group of kids come screaming and running, like running from something they’re afraid.

And I see these kids and I’m like what could that be? So, I walk a little further and I peek around the corner and here comes George ‘The Animal’ Steele who was covered in so much hair it almost looked like fur. Was just a naturally hairy man.

Head shaved and his tongue is green and he’s you know coming at me in character and I was so petrified. I ran to my father. I ran up his legs, wrapped my arms around his neck buried my head in his shoulder and I was shocked when he started to laugh.”

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