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Stephanie McMahon Was Reportedly Aware Of Vince McMahon’s Inappropriate Behavior

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In a $ex trafficking lawsuit filed against WWE, former Chairman Vince McMahon and former talent-relations executive John Laurinaitis, WWE President Nick Khan and WWE COO Brad Blum have been identified as Corporate Officers No. 1 and No. 2.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Connecticut by Janel Grant, alleges that Khan and Blum played significant roles in a scheme where Grant was employed with ambiguous responsibilities, primarily serving as a $exual slave for McMahon within the WWE.

While neither Khan nor Blum are individually accused of $exual misconduct or violence, the lawsuit contends that they, along with others, facilitated and concealed exploitation within WWE, rendering the company liable under federal anti-trafficking laws.

The individual referred to as Corporate Officer No. 3 in the lawsuit has been confirmed, through reporting by Front Office Sports and Grant’s lawyer, to be Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of Vince McMahon and a longtime executive at WWE. Stephanie McMahon’s name appears only once in the lawsuit, in a context that is not clearly defined.

According to the lawsuit, Grant participated in meetings of WWE’s executive committee, which was considered to be a level of involvement beyond her position’s scope, and she raised concerns about the appropriateness of this with Nick Khan and Brad Blum. During one of these meetings, as stated in the lawsuit, Stephanie, who was aware of other occasions where Vince McMahon allegedly engaged in inappropriate $exual behavior, gestured for Grant to sit close to her.

Corporate Officer No. 4, as confirmed by FOS reporting and Grant’s lawyer, is Brian Nurse, who formerly served as general counsel and head of WWE’s legal department. According to the allegations in the lawsuit, Nurse offered Grant a job three hours after discussing a legal position with her on May 9, 2019, just eight months after joining WWE.

The following day, the suit claims that Vince McMahon informed Grant that he had instructed Nurse to extend the job offer, after which McMahon allegedly $exually assaulted her for the first time by putting his hand down her pants without her consent.

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