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“You’ll never be able to take away from what Vince McMahon built and how he’s helped a lot of people” – AEW Personality

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On his Grilling JR podcast, WWE Hall of Famer & AEW commentator Jim Ross said that the allegations against Vince McMahon won’t hurt Vince’s legacy in the professional wrestling business.

Here’s what Good Ol’ JR’s explanation:

“It affects it to some degree, but not earth-shattering. It won’t be a big seismic change because he’s still Vince McMahon and he still built this amazing company that many of us are still celebrating and still playing off of.

I think it’s time for all of us to move on and find happier days, and build from there. You’ll never be able to take away from what Vince built and how he’s helped a lot of people.

A lot of guys making a living in pro wrestling right now can look at it in any way they choose, but if they’re being realistic, they look in the mirror and see Vince McMahon staring them in the face because he was the catalyst that created a lot of this change.

The incomes went up. I just wish it was over and we moved on and all these issues are settled and we move on to happier days. That’s what the business and world needs, happier days.

You still get that with WWE memories, at least I do. I’m very thankful I had a chance to work there and I’m more thankful I have a chance to work with Tony Khan in AEW. We have to build on the positives.”

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