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Sting Once Sh*t On WCW Veteran’s Newspaper

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According to WWF/WCW Legend Kevin Nash, there was a backstage incident in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where ‘The Franchise’ Sting actually defecated on a magazine of USA Today that belonged to his co-worker Buff Bagwell.

During a recent episode of his weekly Kliq This podcast, the former 5-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion revealed that it was just a prank by Sting, that went a bit far.

Here’s what Big Sexy had to say about The Icon:

“He was a prankster, you know? He loved a good sh*t rib. He got Bagwell one time.

It started off, that’s back when you used to get the USA Todays at your front door.

So f**kin’ Sting went and sh*t in the middle of Bagwell’s USA Today. So, Bagwell grabs it.

Of course, you’re going right to the dumper when you grab it to sit down and read it.

Buff opens it up, and t**** fall on him. So, that was number one.”

Speaking of Sting, it looks like All Elite Wrestling is going to book a retirement storyline, when it’s time for him to hang up his boots, which could happen rather sooner than later.

Here’s what The Wrestling Observer reported:

“A self-done tour sounds great but between the costs of doing it right and the lack of visibility if it’s not in WWE or AEW, it would end up being a disappointment.

My gut is that Tony Khan would love to do it, although the Sting retirement has to be his priority for this year.

I’d think Khan would love to feature Goldberg in some fashion anyway, but Goldberg made so much money for so few matches in his WWE deal, reportedly $2 million for each of his Saudi Arabia matches, and for AEW, that kind of money per match simply isn’t cost-effective.”

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