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Sting Possibly Getting Neck Surgery, Never Wrestling Again?

Sting provided an update on his neck injury at a recent Q&A session in Glasgow, Scotland. A fan who attended the event reported the following on what Sting said:

“I feel great, I feel normal. However the MRI’s are showing things and the doctors I’m speaking to are telling me I’m not great. Basically, it’s my neck, and I’ll have to get it dealt with.”

There’s a lot of speculation going on whether Sting will wrestle another match in WWE or not, as WWE takes injuries to wrestlers very seriously nowadays. This is the reason behind Daniel Bryan not being cleared to wrestle, despite the fact that some non-WWE doctors have cleared him and Bryan also stating that he’s ready to wrestle.

Prior to Sting’s injury at Night of Champions 2015, there were plans for him at WrestleMania 32. He was scheduled to face “The New Face of Fear” Bray Wyatt at the Show of Shows next year, but that plan might be in jeopardy after the injury he suffered at Night of Champions 2015.

Sting had the following to say about his injury during an interview with “Bottom line, I had tingling, numbness down both arms, all the way to my fingertips. And then, later in the match, I just fell wrong, whatever it was, and this time [the tingling and numbness] went down both arms and into my legs, and I couldn’t feel my legs too well. They just felt like rubber. I don’t know how to describe it. I had to go down on all fours there for a minute, get my composure. I was a little … I was worried. Long term, well, I’m just going to take care of the short term first and see how the long term might play out.”

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