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Sting Was Supposed To Debut In WWE At WrestleMania 19

In the recently released book on the WWF Attitude Era, Sting revealed that he was supposed to debut in WWE in 2003 at WrestleMania 19 and there was a plan of him feuding with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Below is what Sting said:

“I had been negotiating with Vince McMahon, and one of the ideas was for me to debut at the end of WrestleMania XIX and confront “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Negotiations fell apart and it never happened, but it makes you wonder, ‘What if?’ That was one of the times I was talking with Vince, and it would’ve been an incredible night that would’ve translated into some major, major rivalries and match-ups for years to come.”

Below is what Steve Austin had to say about this:

“It would’ve been interesting to see Sting get a four or five year run in WWE when he was younger. I actually had no idea that he was that close to signing at one point, but it would’ve been a moment for the ages. As a wrestling fan and as a fan of Sting, it’s too bad that it never happened.”

For those who don’t know, Steve Austin & Sting have wrestled each other during their time in WCW. You can watch their match below:

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