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WWE Signs 2 Indian Wrestlers To NXT

Triple H announced on Twitter that they have signed 2 Indian wrestlers to WWE NXT contracts. The 2 signed talents are Lovepreet Sangha and Satender.

Satender is a 2 time Kushti Indian National Heavyweight Champion whereas  Lovepreet Sangha is a world Kabbadi League Champion and Lead Raider. Triple H noted that Lovepreet is known for his speed and intensity.

Lovepreet & Satender have joined an international class of 11 recruits from 7 different countries at the WWE Performance Center which includes former collegiate athletes, bodybuilders and wrestlers from various independent wrestling promotions.

Below is a statement issued by Triple H regarding the new recruits at NXT:

“The global reach of WWE is reflected in the diversity of this class of NXT recruits. Talent is the most important natural resource we have, and these individuals will have every opportunity to hone their skills and fulfill their dream of becoming a WWE Superstar or Diva at the WWE Performance Center.”

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