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Stone Cold On Which Current WWE Stars He Enjoys Watching, Two NXT Wrestlers Released

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Two NXT Wrestlers Released

Two NXT wrestlers, Leo Gao and Sawyer Fulton (former SAnitY member), have been released.

Leo was released due to a neck injury that he suffered during training. Although he was cleared to return, but the injury he suffered was very serious and eventually resulted in his release.

Below is what Fulton posted regarding his release:

“This has been an absolutely amazing time in WWE. After my injury I worked as hard as possible to come back, and it just happened to not work out. However, I’m not ashamed of being released by any means, I held nothing back and at the end of the day I’m happy to leave with my head held high.

Honestly I can not wait to start down this new path, and travel, and wrestle in front of new crowds. WWE, NXT thank you for everything you have done for me, and we will see each other again soon. And for all my brothers in the back, I’m sure we will make another town together in the future. I love You all. See you soon!”

Stone Cold On Which Current WWE Stars He Enjoys Watching

During a recent appearance on Ring Rust Radio, Old School WWF Legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin talked about current WWE wrestlers, Bobby Heenan passing away & more.

Below are the highlights:

On which current WWE stars he enjoys watching:

“You know what, I watch as much as I can. I DVR the show just to fast-forward through the commercials. It’s hard to watch because three hours of Raw every Monday and then two hours of SmackDown, but because I am still involved with the business, I try to watch as much as I can.

Brock Lesnar is an absolute beast. I enjoy watching him and seeing what AJ Styles is up to next. Waiting to see if Finn Balor will continue to find his way. Waiting to see what they will end up doing with Shinsuke Nakamura and give him a green light push with that great background he brings from New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

With the women’s division, their athleticism is just off the charts now. They have been main eventing Monday Night Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-views. I like the entire product and it has changed a lot since I have been gone.

It’s sped up a lot since I have been gone. It’s a different world. So, when I watch with the old school mentality that I have, I have to try to lose myself in it and suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride.”

On Bobby “The Brain” Heenan passing away:

“I barely knew Bobby because he was a generation and half before me. I was a huge fan because I was watching WWF back in the day. Watching his commentary with Gorilla Monsoon, his interactions with Vince or whoever it was, that guy was absolute gold on the microphone, a premier entertainer.

If he had to put on the tights to wrestle or put on that weasel outfit, the guy knew how to entertain people. If he hadn’t gotten into the pro-wrestling business, he would have been a stand-up comedian or something, Bobby was going to be successful in whatever he did because that’s how talented he was.

A lot of times, when you are on the road and sitting around at the show, one of our agents was Blackjack Lanza. Blackjack is in the Hall of Fame and he is a great story teller. He and Bobby used to travel together back in the day. A bunch of guys and myself would be gathered around Blackjack while he is telling Bobby Heenan stories.

Whether they were at the bar doing this or that, the shenanigans they got involved in, so I felt like I knew Bobby a lot more than I did just because I heard so many stories from Blackjack. The guy was a premiere, Grade A, awesome performer. I loved it, I didn’t know him, but I loved it.”

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