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Stone Cold Mistaken For Goldberg, Says He Has Never Been So Insulted – Goldberg Responds

Stone Cold Steve Austin WWF Champion

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Former 6 time WWF Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently got mistaken for Goldberg at at Denny’s and this led to an exchange between the two legends on Twitter.

WWE picked up on this and posted the following:

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin mistaken for Goldberg at Denny’s, hilarity ensues

“Back in the day, it was easy for a casual viewer of the Monday Night Wars to mix up “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Goldberg. After all, they’re both large, bald and bearded men. It would appear that, twenty years later, one Denny’s had yet to get the memo.

Goldberg, who joined Austin in the WWE Hall of Fame this year, responded to this case of mistaken identity in kind, and a playful back-and-forth ensued between the former Universal and WWE Champions. The exchange ended with Goldberg offering to literally send waffles to the Broken Skull Ranch.

It might not be the Austin vs. Goldberg dream match we’ve always wanted, but it’s delicious all the same.”

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