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Stone Cold Reveals His Favorite Match From SummerSlam 2018 Weekend

Stone Cold Steve Austin WWF Champion

• WWE VIDEO HISTORY (August 31, 2010) – WWE NXT

On this day in 2010, World Wrestling Entertainment aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWE NXT’.

This episode was the final episode of NXT Season 2, where you still had NXT Rookies being eliminated.

The only match on the card was:

Kaval vs. Michael McGillicutty vs. Alex Riley

You can watch the entire show right here:

• Stone Cold Reveals His Favorite Match From SummerSlam 2018 Weekend

WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently discussed NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV and SummerSlam 2018 on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show. He also shared which match he thinks was the best match of the weekend and appreciated some wrestlers from NXT for their work.

Below are the highlights (credit to Wrestlinginc for transcription):

On which show was better:

“To me, my opinion, both shows [TakeOver and SummerSlam] delivered. I give a big thumb’s up to both of them. If I was to compare both of the shows, I would say I probably preferred the NXT show over the SummerSlam show, but I give them both a lot of credit.” Austin said, “it was a great weekend for [pro] wrestling because I really enjoyed the NXT show [and] I really enjoyed SummerSlam.

I don’t always get a chance to say that and I’m always glad when they go out there. The crowd wasn’t into a couple of matches, but I think every match that happened was solid or solid in its own right. Some of them were a little tough. The US title match was a little tough. By and large, it was a great weekend for the WWE.”

On which match was his favorite from SummerSlam 2018 weekend:

“My favorite match was a couple of tag team guys that I didn’t know too much about. I had seen some of their individual work, but I hadn’t seen their tag work. Probably my favorite match of the entire weekend was the NXT tag team title match [with] the champions, The Undisputed Era going against the Moustache Mountain guys. That was an awesome-a$$ tag team match. Goddang, dude, I’ve seen one of the best tag matches I’ve seen in a long a$$ time.”

On being impressed by Tyler Bate:

“Man, I thought everybody looked really, really good, but it seems that Tyler Bate, there’s just something about that kid. He just has some kind of X-Factor to him, just the way he goes to deliver his s*** or the sense of urgency. I mean, Roderick Strong is right there, so is Trent Seven, but to me, that Tyler Bate was just kind of the spark plug in this match, if you will.”

On EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream:

“The match was a good back-and-forth match. EC3 is a solid hand, great body. The guys worked well together. Like I said, they lost the crowd a few times. But there, in the end, Velveteen Dream goes over. It was a good, solid match. Both guys, EC3 [has] got a great body.

He’s a good looking kid, can speak well. I mean, Vince [McMahon] likes all those things, so we’ll see as EC3 continues to get his feet up under him in the WWE system how he progresses, but he [has] got a high upside too. I hope he reaches it.”

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