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Stone Cold Reveals Which NXT Star Reminds Him Of The Rock

WrestleMania 15 - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock for the WWF Championship

• Old School Wrestling Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 74th birthday of Old School Wrestling Veteran Jos LeDuc (Real name: Michel Pigeon).

After touring the territories during the 60s, 70s & 80s, he also had a brief stint in the World Wrestling Federation by 1988, but failed to make much of an impact.

However Vince McMahon did get him a role in the Hulk Hogan movie ‘No Holds Barred’ as a character called the “Big Headbanger”.


• Stone Cold Reveals Which NXT Star Reminds Him Of The Rock

WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently discussed NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV and SummerSlam 2018 on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show.

During this podcast, Austin revealed that NXT wrestler Velveteen Dream reminds him of The Rock.

Below is what Austin said:

“Man, the guy is athletic. He has a great gimmick. There’s so much room to grow that gimmick or that character and he has bought into it 100%. So athletic, great gimmick.

The kid’s still very green, but he’s very entertaining and he’s a natural showman. Obviously, like [podcast guest Wade Keller] said, there’s a lot of Rick Rude influences there. They kind of lost the crowd a little bit there during this [TakeOver] match [vs. EC3].

He’s a big time seller on some of the moves. He arches his back. He kind of reminds me of The Rock in a way, just the salesmanship of certain things. But, man, for a guy that’s still pretty damn new to the [pro wrestling] business, but the gimmick is so over-the-top.

I mean, the kid looks like a rockstar, so whatever happens to him, the sky’s the limit for this guy. The gimmick is there, the character is there, he’s all the way in, and he just has star written all over him, so when he puts it all together or continues to put it all together, I mean, we’ll see what happens with this kid, but it’s an outstanding gimmick.”

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