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Stone Cold Steve Austin Delivers A Stunner In New Music Video

Stone Cold Steve Austin WWF Era

• ON THIS DAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY (December 26, 1981) – Georgia Championship Wrestling

On this day in 1981, Georgia Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV Show, also called ‘Georgia Championship Wrestling ‘.

The show featured pre-taped matches, interviews & storyline segments featuring several GCW Wrestlers, presented by Gordon Solie.

Here’s the card:

Bob & Brad Armstrong & Tommy Rich Interview

Jim Garvin vs. Ken Timbs

Masked Superstar Interview

Kevin Sullivan vs. Don Gilbert

Masked Superstar vs. Tommy Rich (from the Omni)

Bob & Brad Armstrong vs. Rick Connors & Ken Timbs

Ron Bass vs. Tommy Rogers

El Gran Appollo vs. Mike Jackson

The Funks Interview

Buzz Sawyer vs. Ken Hall

Paul Jones vs. Marvin Turner

Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer vs. Ken Hall & Rudy Valentino – The heels jump Tommy Rich

Jim Garvin vs. Jack Thor

Buzz Sawyer vs. Duane Blaylock

Bob & Brad Armstrong vs. Jim Vanderoso & Deek Rivers

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Delivers A Stunner In New Music Video

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently appeared in Bad Bunny’s new music video and delivered a Stunner and then drank beer.

You can watch his part in the music video below:

Bad Bunny is a big wrestling fan and Ric Flair also appeared in one of his music videos (Chambea) back in 2017.

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