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Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals The Best Talker Of The WWF Attitude Era

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• Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals The Best Talker Of The WWF Attitude Era

During a recent interview with ‘First We Feast’, WWF Legend Steve Austin spoke about the famous Attitude Era (1997-2001) and revealed that his long-time storyline rival The Rock was indeed the very best talker of that entire era.

Here’s what Stone Cold had to say:

“You cannot overlook The Rock. When he first arrived on the scene, he was this good-looking, third-generation babyface and people just didn’t take to him.

They’d say, ‘Die Rocky Die! Die Rocky Die!’ He started wearing the silk shirts and he started referring to himself in third person and working that eyebrow. And he electrified and captivated crowds with his catchphrases, his cadence and his delivery, and his message and calling everybody ‘jabroni.

He commanded the audience’s respect, attention and elicited the response that he was looking for from them.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock had one of the greatest rivalries (if not ‘THE’ greatest rivalry) of the entire Attitude Era and had quite a few classic singles matches in those days.

Here are some of their biggest and most memorable matches:

– WWF In Your House 19 – D-Generation X (Winner: Stone Cold)

– WWF RAW Is WAR March 23rd 1998 (Winner: Stone Cold)

– WWF RAW Is WAR November 11th 1998 (Winner: Stone Cold by DQ)

– WWF WrestleMania XV – “The Ragin’ Climax” (Winner: Stone Cold)

– WWF Backlash 1999 (Winner: Stone Cold)

– WWF WrestleMania X-7 – “Houston, We Have A Problem” (Winner: Stone Cold)

– WWF RAW Is WAR April 2nd 2001 (No Contest)

– WWF Rebellion 2001 (Winner: Stone Cold)

… as well as their final encounter during the WWE Ruthless Aggression Era, where The Rock finally defeated Austin at WrestleMania in 2003 (WrestleMania XIX).

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In 2014, he was arrested for seven felony counts of s*xual assault of a child and seven counts of s*xual assault on a 15 year old girl, who was the daughter of a friend.

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