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Stone Cold Steve Austin Was Once Forced By Vince McMahon To Apologize To Another Wrestler For Being Too Stiff

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Stone Cold Steve Austin was known for many things, but hardly ever did we hear about him being too stiff in the ring, which others like Vader were known for.

Being too stiff means that he laid it in full-force, which did hurt of course, but was still safe enough not to actually injure his opponent or do any form of damage.

During a recent appearance on the ‘Cheap Heat Productions’ podcast, former WWF Jobber Lou Marconi revealed that Stone Cold was once forced by Vince McMahon to apologize to him for being too stiff in their match.

Steve Austin defeated Lou Marconi during an episode of WWF Superstars, that aired on October 27th 1996, and can be found on the WWE Network / Peacock.

Here’s what Lou had to say:

“[Austin] was amped up for that match. For a second there I thought I pi$$ed him off, but I said ‘Oh, he’s just laying it in’. He was doing the Texas style.

Vince made him apologize to me, and I told him it wasn’t even needed. I said ‘We’re cool, I appreciate it’.

He was laying it in because I remember I got through the locker room and Jake Roberts comes up to me.

He’s like ‘Stay right here. You okay? You okay?’. I’m like ‘Yeah, I’m fine, what’s going on?’. He’s looking at me.

I could see out the corner of my eye, I could see Vince was like basically reading Steve Austin the riot act.”

The match followed by the backstage apology all took place way before Stone Cold became a main eventer and a household name in the World Wrestling Federation.

He was basically still a mid-carder at that point in time, despite already winning King of the Ring a few months earlier.

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