The Strongest Women In Wrestling History

The Strongest Women of Wrestling

With this list we’re paying tribute to the strong and powerful women of Professional Wrestling. We have however only included female Wrestlers & Divas from major promotions like WWE, WWF, WCW, ECW & TNA.

You are most likely going to enjoy the memories that this list is bringing back!

11. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn (Real Name: Celeste Bonin) became a WWE Superstar in 2010 when she won NXT Season 3.

In 2014 she left the WWE and retired from Professional Wrestling in general.

10. Marianna

Marianna Komlos joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1999 as Mrs. Cleavage, but soon went by her real life first name Marianna, managing Chaz, who was formerly known as Headbanger Mosh, before she left the WWF again.

† Rest In Peace Marianna Komlos
September 03, 1969 – September 26, 2004

9. Bull Nakano

Japanese Wrestling Legend Bull Nakano (Real Name: Keiko Nakano) showed up on World Wrestling Federation TV in 1994, feuding with fellow bodybuilder woman Alundra Blayze, before getting fired for possession of cocaine.

Both ladies relived their feud again in 1996, when they were both wrestling for Ted Turner’s WCW.

8. Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix (Real Name: Elizabeth Kocianski) debuted on WWE TV as part of the RAW roster in 2006.

She stayed with the promotion until leaving for “family reasons” in late 2012.

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