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Summer Rae Explains Why She Stopped Wrestling

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• Summer Rae Explains Why She Stopped Wrestling

Summer Rae got signed by WWE in 2011. She made her WWE main roster debut in 2013 and got released in 2017.

After her WWE release, she wrestled once on the indy scene and then stopped wrestling.

She’s now going to return to in-ring action at WWE Royal Rumble 2022, where she will compete in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

During an appearance on Renee Young’s Oral Sessions podcast, Summer explained why she stopped wrestling.

Below is what she said:

“I had a bone spur in the vertebrae in my neck, C4. I have thoracic outlet syndrome. I think you can live with bone spurs. Thoracic outlet syndrome is horrible. A lot of major league pitchers have it.

What they wanted to do was remove my first rib. Your first rib is technically your trap. In order to remove your first rib, I mean, fans come up to me and say they have the rib removed, and their scar is big.

You can’t get physical therapy for two months. Just to learn how to sit up in bed, when you’re missing a rib, it’s crazy. So the rib is constantly putting pressure on my nerves.

I was like, ‘Absolutely not. I’m not doing that.’ I’m going to just always have physical therapy and a chiropractor.’ It was bad when I was first learning how to work out with it, but I’ve kind of learned to work around it.”

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January 21, 1925 – March 13, 2007

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