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8. Ryback Talks About The Importance of Protecting Finishers

During a recent edition of “Conversation With The Big Guy” podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback recalled a conversation he had with The Miz regarding finishers. Below is what he said:

“Me and Miz used to get into arguments over this because Miz, and I love Miz, and he would just throw… I remember I was working him, he goes, ‘kick out of my finish’ and I go, ‘why?’ I go, ‘hit me with something else.’ Nobody’s going to know the difference. And I go, and I said, ‘just protect your finisher.’ He goes, ‘Stone Cold and The Rock did it all the time back then.’ They didn’t do it right away. They did it at their big WrestleMania matches. They needed some go-tos in there.

I know Vince at one point sent out a memo of ‘no more kicking out of each other’s finishers.’ This was after WrestleMania last year, maybe. And it lasted for maybe two pay-per-views and it started all over again. I don’t know if he forgets or what.”

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