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“The Boss” comes back into the match with a couple of clotheslines, but Alexa doesn’t let Sasha get too much control of the match and drives Sasha’s face into her knee.

Sasha slams Alexa’s head into the corner and hits repeated knees in Alexa’s face, but Alexa still refuses to quit. Alexa hits a big forearm and is looking to hit a DDT, but Sasha counters and locks in the Bank Statement.

Alexa looked in trouble at first, but she manages to crawl out of the ring and break the hold. Alexa now throws Sasha out of the ring and Sasha might have injured her shoulder.

Alexa is now targeting Sasha’s left shoulder. Alexa nails a Twisted Bliss, but Sasha kicks out. Sasha now looks in the Bank Statement, but Alexa gets out of it by Alexa attacking Sasha’s shoulder.

But Sasha locks in the Bank Statement again and makes Alexa tap out this time!

Winner: Sasha Banks (New Raw Women’s Champion)

Sasha is now a 4 time Raw Women’s Champion!

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