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Sunny Calls Out Former WCW US Champion For Sexually Harassing Female Wrestlers

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• Sunny Calls Out Former WCW US Champion For Sexually Harassing Female Wrestlers

Former WCW United States Champion Bill DeMott wants WWE to take Sunny out of their Hall Of Fame due to the ongoing situation, where Sunny is responsible for the death of a 75 year old man.

Below is what Bill tweeted:

“The public has to speak up. We need this #RepeatOffender mentality to end! WWE needs to remove this person from their Hall Of Fame!”

Sunny read what Bill wrote and had the following exchanges with fans on Twitter:

Sunny: I think Bill DeMott should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame! Ohhh that’s right, he was never inducted.

He was too busy $exually harassing female talent and degrading male talent as well. Yet he is worried about a crime that has NOT even been proven in a court of law yet??

Fan: Tammy I often wonder if you heard the old saying. When you lose say little, when you win say even less. So everything you say is being scrutinized and looked at. When you walk into a courtroom things like this don’t look good. If you were proven innocent. Then by all means.

Sunny: You have a guy asking for me to be removed from the HOF who $exually harassed women, terrorized male talent, used his corporate connections to keep his job, and was an overall piece of sh*t who ran countless young potential out of the business?? That guy?? He is a real class act!

Fan: He’s a father speaking from emotion. I’m not saying he’s right. But that’s how it goes. We have met. And I was nothing but respectful to you. As I am being respectful now. But I guess perception is in the eye of the beholder.

Sunny: A grieving father?? I wonder how many potential divas were grieving when they were wrongfully ran off over this pervert? Wonder how many “grieving fathers” had to hug their crying daughter because they were fired and dream shattered by this pig on a power trip? HOW MANY?”

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• Old School WWF/WWE Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF developmental talent Doug Basham celebrates his 51st birthday today.

After being used as an occasional jobber while it was still the World Wrestling Federation, Doug Basham became a main roster star later on during the WWE Ruthless Aggression Era, when he teamed up with his kayfabe brother Danny Basham as The Basham Brothers.

Together, they won the WWE Tag Team Titles twice, before they were released in early 2007. Despite the modern day PG Era WWE labeling them as “boring”, they were anything but that. It’s just WWE’s typical historical revisionism, but most fans are already used to that BS.


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