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Sunny Reveals Why She Turned Down An Offer From Playboy Back In The 90s, Says She Now Feels She Should’ve Done It

During a recent appearance on The Ross Report podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Sunny talked about getting signed to the World Wrestling Federation at the age of 21, getting an offer from Playboy and rejecting it & more.

Below are the highlights:

On getting signed to the WWF at the age of 21:

“After six and a half years, I was working at Smoky Mountain and I was in the apartment with Chris Candido; the phone rings and I pick it up, and I hear, ‘Hi, this is Bruce Prichard from the WWF.’

I went and called Chris because I assumed it was for him. He said to me that he was calling for me, not for Chris; so I asked him, for what, because this wasn’t something I was striving to do or wanting to do; it was just something that fell on my lap, and then that was how I was hired by the WWF at the time.

It was such a crazy rollercoaster over the years, so by the time I turned 21 years old on December 7th, and December 15th I had started working for them. It was crazy.”

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On turning down an offer from Playboy in the 90s:

“It was 1996 that I was AOL’s Most Downloaded Celebrity, which was where the Playboy offer came about.

We were all in Vince McMahon’s office; we were on the road for two months and then got to be home for three days, and I remember getting a phone call from Vince McMahon’s secretary, and they called and said that Vince wanted to see me in his office.

I asked if he can hold it off because I only have three days off, and have to do laundry, so I needed to see my family, friends, and my pets. They said, no, they really needed to see me in the office.

At this time I was really thinking that I was going to get fired. I went into the office and went into the conference room and it was there that the offer came about, which took me less than five minutes to turn it down. I was in my 20’s and wasn’t ready for something like that.

Looking back now, was it something I should have done? Absolutely! I was just very reserved at that time. At the time I just wasn’t ready emotionally to handle something like that.”

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