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Superfan Vladimir Has A Message For Everyone Who Watched His New WWE Documentary

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As we reported a few days back, the long-awaited WWE documentary ‘Superfan: The Story of Vladimir’ has finally been released.

The WWE Network / Peacock Original was finished in mid-2021 and promoted back then already, but for unknown reasons didn’t come out until now.

The documentary features Superfan Vladimir (Real name: Vladimir Abouzeide), who was usually seen sitting in the first row at WWF events, including pay-per-views, weekly TV-shows, televised house shows, and more, during the 90s.

He was mostly seen at Madison Square Garden and all over the east coast but also in several other parts of the country as well.

If you were watching WWF TV during the 90s, you will most certainly remember Vladimir, as he stood out for being there more often than not.

Vladimir himself has a message to those of you who watched his documentary, which was posted by PWInsider:

“I want to thank you all for watching my WWE movie ‘Superfan’. I want to thank Giancarlo and everyone who worked on the movie. I always wanted my story to be told. I know a lot of people worked hard to finally release the movie and I thank everyone in WWE, the wrestlers in the movie and everyone backstage for making this happen.

I want to thank all of my friends who have been with me at wrestling over the years. You are all my brothers and I love you, especially Charlie, Mike and Jon. I am always so happy to take photos and talk with everyone at the shows, because we get to love wrestling together. Wrestling is magic and it cheers me up. Let’s love all wrestling and have fun.

I miss my Mom and I love her. More than anything else, I am so happy the world gets to know how much she did for me and my family. That is the most important thing. I love you Mom and I know you are proud of me.

Thank you again for watching my documentary. See you at the shows. I love you all.

Vladimir Abouziede


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