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Ted DiBiase Reveals The Risk That He Had To Take In Order To Get The “Million Dollar Man” Gimmick In WWF, Hot Video Of Sasha Banks From WWE Live Event

Ted DiBiase Million Dollar Man

Ted DiBiase Reveals The Risk That He Had To Take In Order To Get The “Million Dollar Man” Gimmick In WWF

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, Taz and the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase talked about how DiBiase got the “Million Dollar Man” gimmick, DiBiase’s first match with Bret Hart & more.

Below are the highlights:

Taz: I never asked you, like the gimmick, the “Million Dollar Man” gimmick, like the backstory on it, who came up with it, the promos. Was that you? Was it Vince? Just bring us back there and tell us how this all went down.

DiBiase: Well the concept, the idea for the character was basically of Vince. When I went to meet with Vince in 1987, this is just after they had set it into our world attendance record at WrestleMania 3, and so I’m sitting there and Vince got called out to a phone call for just a second.

So I’m sitting there with Pat Patterson. He was his right hand then. Pat looked at me and he said – “Here’s all you need to know. If Vince were going to be a character in his own show, this is who he would be. This is his creation. This is his personal idea.

So knowing that, you know how hard he’s going to push this.” What’s really crazy is that I didn’t know. It’s he said – Something new, it’s never been done before. But I had to agree to come on board and sign a contract with the company before he would tell me.

So it was like I’ve got to trust him. Because he said if I tell you and then you say ‘no’, I’ve given away a tremendous idea.

Taz: I didn’t know that man. You didn’t know Vince that well at the time, right? This was just straight business deal, right?

DiBiase: I knew Vince from…..the first time I’d come in the company when his dad was still the boss. So that’s all I knew. I knew Pat Patterson and I knew how good Pat was.

Pat was one of those guys if I ever had a question during that time, I would go to him because he was the guy that had a true understanding of the psychology of what we do. And then Pat told me, he says – “Ted you don’t have to worry about anything”. He says – “I have no doubt you could do this”. And so I said I’m in.

Taz: People know obviously your career and your success and the name you became and you’ve earned and how great you are. I think you’re underrated in the history of the business with promo guys.

People know the sinister laugh and all the stuff you’ve done with the character, with promos. But bro, your in-ring work, I don’t think people realize like you know.

I said earlier at the top of my show here – man, DiBiase… He brought it, man…. you know…. he worked a little snug at times which is respected as you know and and it’s a big deal that you could do that without, you know, we all trust each other with each other’s bodies, but I knew that this guy can go.

He can flat-out go. He’s a bada$$ when he wants to be. He’s gonna work snug with you and he’s gonna respect you if you work snug back with him and you’re gonna have a great match with him because his psychology is pristine.

DiBiase: I appreciate that. I mean it’s the way I was raised.

I remember the first time I had a match with Bret Hart. It was one of those Coliseum video matches. It wasn’t for the television show. The only way at that time you’re gonna see it is if you bought the Coliseum video. So they told us to go out and do a 20-minute what we call Broadway.

So Bret and I had never ever touched. We had never had a match ever. So we come out of the ring and Pat’s in the back and he’s just going crazy. He’s going – “Oh my gosh! What an unbelievable match! How long you guys been working together?”

We looked at each other like that’s the first time we’ve ever touched. And all it was is we came from the same school of psychology. It’s like make it as real as you can. Make the match the story.

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