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“That is not where I would want to be” – Released WWE Wrestler On NXT 2.0

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• “That is not where I would want to be” – Released WWE Wrestler On NXT 2.0

During a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, former NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed (now known as Jonah Rock in Impact Wrestling) talked about his recent release from WWE, NXT 2.0 & more.

Below are the highlights:

On NXT 2.0:

“Myself watching the product, and it’s no disrespect to anyone that’s on 2.0, but that is not where I would want to be if that was the direction. It’s never good to lose a job but I don’t think I’d fit in there anyway.

I do think I had a lot that could have been done RAW & SmackDown-wise. All us guys and girls that get into the wrestling business want to be at a WrestleMania or a Royal Rumble, and I didn’t get to do those things.”

On getting released from WWE:

“I didn’t have any emotion of sadness or being upset, which a lot of people do when they get released. That’s the instinct that you go to and of course you should.

But I’ve been through so many ups and downs in my professional wrestling career where I’ve had things like this happen before where I was told, ‘no’ and that was it. But this time around, I was more angry because I’d worked so hard through NXT and believed in the black and gold brand.”

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (December 13, 2018) – Old School WrestleMania Celebrity Passed Away

On this day in 2018, we lost Old School WrestleMania Celebrity Bill Fralic at the age of 56 due to cancer.

Bill Fralic competed in the 20-man WWF/NFL Battle Royal at WWF WrestleMania 2 (1986), but returned years later in 1993 as a participant in the ‘Stars and Stripes Challenge’ aboard the USS-Intrepid, trying to bodyslam the then 550-lbs WWF World Heavyweight Champion Yokozuna, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

It’s possible that one day Fralic might be inducted into the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, considering that some celebrities were inducted for doing a lot less in Professional Wrestling.


October 31, 1962 – December 13, 2018

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