The Best Parodies In Wrestling

The Best Parodies In Wrestling

Pro-Wrestling isn’t always serious, to be honest it would be quite boring if it wasn’t for the occasional comedy and parody segments.

We have now listed the 10 funniest Parodies in Pro-Wrestling History. Enjoy!!

10. Rated RKO as D-Generation X

Not bad actually, considering that DX were the Comedy Babyfaces at that time in 2006, but “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton & Edge did alright as DX impersonators.

Certainly a watchable comedy.

9. Harvey Wippleman as Rick Rude

All of you Attitude Era & Monday Night War Fans remember when “Ravishing” Rick Rude showed up on WWF RAW IS WAR (pre-taped) and WCW Monday Nitro the very same night, right?

However, the week after he was gone, DX sent out a fake Rick Rude, which was actually Harvey Wippleman.

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