The Best Wrestlers Managed By Teddy Long

The Best Wrestlers Managed By Teddy Long

From his early NWA days, his time in WCW, all the way to his famous WWF/WWE career, the former Pro-Wrestling Referee Teddy Long has also managed quite a few Wrestlers.

We have now listed the very best of them:

6. D’Lo Brown

D’Lo Brown (born October 22, 1970) is probably best known for his 1997-1998 run as a member of the Nation of Domination heel faction.

In late 2002, Teddy Long became Brown’s manager, working an angle, in which they claimed they were held back because of their skin colour.

With Long as a manager, D’Lo Brown went undefeated for a couple weeks and even wrestled on RAW on a regular basis, as opposed to only appearing on WWE’s C-Show Sunday Night HEAT.

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