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“The only one that wasn’t n-ked, that’s who I married” – Goldberg On How He Met His Wife

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During an interview on the Drinkin’ Bros. podcast, Goldberg was asked how he met his wife.

Goldberg told the following story about meeting his wife on a movie set:

“I was single; I flew up a month before the shoot started to recruit for one scene and that scene was a strip club scene with 49 naked strippers in it; I went up there early with my assistant.

Leading up to the day where all of them were displayed at the rehearsal, it was a strip club scene; I break in as Santa Claus; I kill the bouncers at the front; I get into it with the bartender and a patron and they start chasing me with axes.

I jump from a table to a swing and there’s where I meet the stunt woman on the set. We go in for that day and I’m sitting at my table. I’m kinda just looking around.

I have a friend there, my assistant, and I said, ‘Do me a favor. There’s 49 girls in here that are completely naked. There’s one that’s got a robe on. Go check it out. See what her story is.’

The only one that wasn’t naked, that’s who I married. It’s been 15 years.”

It’s been over 2 years since Goldberg has wrestled a match.

His last match to date took place at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022, where he lost to Roman Reigns in a Universal Championship match.

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