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The Rock Distances Himself From Joe Biden, After Backing Him In 2020

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WWF Legend The Rock is a former vocal supporter of US President Joe Biden, but has undergone a noticeable shift in his political stance.

During an appearance on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast, he expressed concerns about political divisions affecting friendships but emphasized his commitment to unity, claiming friends from both Trump and Biden camps. However, when questioned about his Biden support, he clarified that it was aligned with the Democratic party, signaling a departure from backing Biden’s leadership.

Despite multiple political parties approaching him last year for a presidential run, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who is currently the #1 actor in Hollywood, is not immediately entering politics, citing a dislike for it and a desire to spend time with his kids. While hinting at a potential future run, The Rock has recently been seen in D.C., engaging with senators, hinting at a developing political presence.

WWF Attitude Era Veteran Val Venis recently tweeted the following regarding Rock’s 2020 endorsement of Joe Biden:

“HEY @TheRock! Just to clarify, are your positions as follows:

‘Taxation’ is something other than the crime of extortion?

‘Inflation’ is something other than the crime of theft?

‘Abortion’ is something other than the crime of murder?

Kamala Harris is something other than a clueless s*** who sold her soul sleeping her way into power over private sector humans?

Joe Biden is something other than a hardcore r@cist who used his 1996 crime bill to cage millions of black folks?

The Federal Reserve is something other than the most ‘untouchable’, above the law counterfeiters in the world?

Is your new buddy Opera something other than a child trafficking wh*re who opened an all girl school in South Africa and was immediately rocked by s*x scandles and payoffs?

Are these your positions Rock??? When you threw your Hollyweird weight behind the scumbags Biden/Harris, you intentionally created a fluff piece to paint these two idiots as moral and ethical humans with ZERO SUBSTANCE in your ‘questions’ or their ‘responses.’

You had the opportunity to ask Biden what he will do about the central banking cartel STEALING VALUE AT WILL out of the private sector, fleecing America dry and you willfully decided not to go there. Shame on you Rock. You sold your soul. DEBATE ME!”

The Rock even teased running for President of the United States (for 2032) during the first 2 seasons of his ‘Young Rock’ TV show on NBC.

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