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The Rock Is Working On A WCW Project

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WWF Legend Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Dany Garcia’s production company ‘Seven Bucks Productions’ is working on a documentary series with VICE Studios about the decline of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), known for its historic rivalry with the World Wrestling Federation during the Monday Night Wars.

The series is expected to explore the challenges faced by WCW, including financial issues. The appointment of Scott Landsman as the Head of Television and Melissa Fried as the VP of Film Development & Production for Seven Bucks Productions was also reported.

The Wrestling Observer expressed some concerns about potential bias in the documentary, especially if key figures like Eric Bischoff are involved in telling their side of the story.

Here’s what Dave Meltzer had to say:

“The Rock wasn’t watching it (WCW), no, but he was aware of it. It was such crap, those last couple of years. It was giving people what they didn’t want, and it was like a classic example of doing that.

I don’t know how you can do a series. The thing is that I presume they’ll have Eric Bischoff all over it, and once you have Bischoff all over it, you’re just gonna have the total full of sh*t story.

It was all those people out to get us as opposed to ‘you f**ked up and drove your fan base away’. It’s not just him. I don’t wanna say it was just him.

He was part of that deal, you know they lost $63 million at the time when, you know Turner Broadcasting wasn’t into losing money.”

It’s rather obvious that Meltzer and Bischoff can’t stand each other and Dave is very biased and unfair towards Eric here. In fact, it was Vince Russo who lost all that money in 2000, starting in late 1999, while during the time that Bischoff was in charge, WCW was making a lot of money, not losing money.

Yes, we ignored Eric’s brief comeback in 2000, when he was teaming with Russo, but as long as Easy E was in charge all by himself, World Championship Wrestling did exceptionally well and that’s a fact proven by the official numbers.

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