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The Rock’s Father Rocky Johnson Was Once Arrested For R@ping A 19-Year-Old Girl

Rocky Johnson Passes Away Death

The Rock’s Father ‘Soulman’ Rocky Johnson passed away from a a pulmonary embolism on January 15th 2020 at the age of 75.

Since then, he was heavily featured in the 3 seasons of NBC’s series ‘Young Rock’, where his character came across a little bit naive, but was still portrayed as a man with a heart of gold.

Unfortunately, an old 2013 story about the late Rocky Johnson went viral on Social Media recently, in which a woman named Luan Crable claimed she had an affair with him for 25 years.

This woman also accused Rocky of being arrested and charged for raping a 19-year old girl back in the day.

Here’s what ‘The Star’ reported about her accusations in April 2013:

“Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has a reputation for being the ultimate showman, playing badass tough guys in movies like G.I. Joe Retaliation and The Scorpion King, and winning over WWE wrestling fans with his charisma, sarcasm and million-dollar smile.

But behind his confident facade, it turns out the 41-year-old actor has been hiding the truth about his heartbreaking past, one in which he’s had to overcome the pain of an alcoholic, unfaithful father and his run-in with the law.

‘I love The Rock so much’. ‘Dewey had a really hard time as a child growing up because he never saw his dad’, according to Luan Crable, who had a ’25-year-long romantic affair with Dwayne’s father, former pro wrestler Rocky Johnson’. Oh, my god, his father was a wrestler???

‘Rocky was on the road 12 out of every 14 days’ and ‘Dwayne must have worshipped his father, having followed Rocky into pro wrestling after a severe back injury ended his early football career’. Man, this is Shakespearean. ‘Rocky was anything but a role model at home’, according to Luan.

When she first hooked up with Rocky in 1979 — after seeing him wrestle on TV and sending him fan mail — he lied and told her he was single, despite being married to Dwayne’s mother, Ata, at the time. Ata found out about Rocky’s ongoing extramarital relationship with Luan, and soon young Dwayne did too.

She says ‘He was only 12 years old, and he called me, yelling ‘Stay away from my dad, and leave my mother alone!’.’ Luan told him that ‘it was between adults and that he didn’t understand’. Sounds like he DID understand, Luan. ‘Rocky was a serial cheater’, Luan says. ‘It wasn’t until later I realized he had women in virtually every arena he wrestled’.

Ata called Luan and ‘admitted she knew Rocky was seeing me and called me a ‘motel whore’.’ Dwayne, acting out, stole Luan’s credit card from her purse ‘and went on a shopping spree, spending more than $3,000. He was probably trying to get back at me for my relationship with his father’. Rocky was then ‘arrested and charged with the rape of a 19-year-old Tennessee girl’, which he still claims was ‘a setup by rival wrestlers’.

After that, he was blacklisted from wrestling, ‘got really depressed’, and ‘started drinking’. Dwayne was 15 when he learned ‘about his father’s rape charges, and he was crushed’. Rocky was ‘drinking as much as a half gallon of vodka a day’. Dwayne, in college and wrestling, eventually mended fences with his father. His parents divorced, and Rocky quit drinking. He says his son is ‘my pride and joy’.

I wish you nothing but happiness, Dwayne Johnson, America’s greatest movie star and friend.”

As the son of WWF Golden Era Veteran Rocky Johnson and the grandson of WWWF Veteran ‘The High Chief’ Peter Maivia, Dwayne Johnson – who is nowadays the #1 actor in Hollywood – made his WWF debut at the Survivor Series 1996 pay-per-view in Madison Square Garden under the name Rocky Maivia, that he was given to pay tribute to his father and grandfather.

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